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Captured past to present actualization

I spent a while on Saturday carefully traversing through the landscape of what had been the digital equivalent of dusty, weather stained photographs. Most were from what I consider now to be years that were both supremely underappreciated and indubitably formative. Both of those realities impress upon me how where I was, where I’ve traveled, [...]


Dusty papyrus and
Ancient hieroglyphics
Kept in three chambers
Of the heart
A pilgrimage
To pyramids
And catacombs
The night embalmed
Dark corners and
Crowded bazaars
Music and dance
An urn full
Primeval symbols
And spirits
And fragrance
To preserve.

Between the shadow and the soul

Nothing better on a rainy cold night than a bit of Pablo Neruda - Sonnet XVII.

Found in my old fiction journal

I keep having dreams. Discontinuous and fragmented. Nothing contingent to hinge a meaning on. I approach my bed each night with a languid hesitation. I stare at the ceiling and long for it to collapse and crush my evasive conclusions about the day. There is an unmistakable but unrealized dissonance hiding [...]