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A poem of attraction with thanks to Calvino

The sea calls his love
by the name of grandchild
That makes him
A grandson to the moon
Inheritor of an ancestral gravitation
Toward her

His grandfather
A million times removed
Kept a respectable distance from
the carbon and gas and liquid
Compelled toward, instead -
An ineluctable bond

His grandfather
A thousand times removed
Swam to an amneotic sea
Incubating in currents
And millennia

His grandfather
A hundred times removed
Articulated out of a hereditary desire
Stayed by the sea
Words whispered to
the tides, the moon.

He is made out of the anthropology
of desire just as much
as his own
is unfettered by temporality

Whispering, waiting. Compelled.
To the constant, inevitable.

tristan roy

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