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New places and West coast faces

I spent the last week or so on a long overdue and much deserved vacation from the grind of young professional life. The previous few weeks, between a tumultuous schedule and life rearranging events at work, home, and elsewhere, had left me categorically exhausted.

Before my trip, however, I spent last weekend moving into my new studio apartment, a 550 sq ft space with hardwood floors and annex rooms for an office and dining table. Unrealized, it could house your grandmother or your friend with the stylish bachelors pad. I intend to make it the latter. More to come soon on that.

Without any sleep prior to my flight on Tuesday, I spent most of my time on the flights sleeping. After another nap at Ross’ place we went out and bought food and wine to make fondue (picture below) and bought Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox. A good night just being a couple of dudes.


Wednesday I spent the day in San Francisco, walking around the Financial District, Embarcadero, Chinatown and Union Square. Ross met me in the city after work in SoMa and we had dinner before attending a Yahoo! Brickhouse party put on around the Web 2.0 Expo. (for once I wasnt in town for one of these for work). I have to admit that at about 10 PST I was ready to sleep.

Thursday and Friday evening I visited Mike in Berkeley, “helping” him create a mean creamy chicken and wild rice soup for a function at his school, the Franciscan School of Theology. Friday night, Ross and I met Mike in Berkeley for dinner, and walking along the streets littered with Cal students made me genuflect and long for another go at my college years. Mike and I also spent a solid portion of our evening ruthlessly and unrelentingly picking on Ross over his bright red HHR rental car.

Ross and the HHR

Ross and Mike eating frozen yogurt

Saturday the three of us went to Napa, where we visited Freemark Abbey, Trinchero and Grgich Hills (we tried Rombauer, with no luck). I enoyed a number of the wines at Freekmark and Grgich, but nothing came close to being distinctive enough to remain in my memory and compel me to buy a bottle. After dinner at Liverpool Lil’s in Presidio (excellent pub food), we went our separate ways.

Ross and T

Ross and Mike

All in all, it was a trip that contained almost all of what I needed in my life at the moment. Good food, good wine, a change of scenery, a change of pace, fresh faces, and two of my best friends.