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This year….

I suppose its cliche - as the minutes inexorably pass and 2008 approaches - to genuflect on what’s happened over the last year. To think wistfully of stolen moments and sunsets over the Atlantic. To accept my regrets and mistakes (and I’ve got them) and vow that they’ll never happen again. To feel heartbreak over time that has passed and feel simultaneous joy at being given that exact same time. To mourn those lost and remember how they enriched your life. To appreciate those closest to you and feel thankful for the part they have played in your life. To know that to have someone in your life for whom you’d do anything is a lucky blessing.

I hope that all the important people in my life - and they know who they are - are fortunate enough to feel the same things as this year draws to a close.

I continue to learn that no matter how grown up you may feel, a year full of both the sweet and the sour will make you just a little bit (or a lot) wiser.

And we should be thankful for every minute of it.

I am.

Happy New Year!