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On Liminality

From Chuck Palahniuk’s newest novel, Rant:

“Common to almost all spiritual beliefs is the idea of Liminal Time. To ascetics, it can be the moment of greatest suffering. To Catholics, it’s the moment the Communion wafer is presented to the congregation. The moment is different for each religion or spiritual practice, but Liminal Time itself represents a moment in which time stops passing. The actual definition is a moment “outside of time.”

That moment becomes the eternity of Heaven or Hell, and achieving even an instant of Liminal Time is the goal of most religious rituals. In that moment, one is completely present and awake and aware - of all creation. In Liminal Time, time stops. A person is beyond time.”

I wonder if the goal of my daily ritual is simply to get out of Liminal Time.

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  1. mike wrote:

    good quote. not sure what you mean in your comment afterwards though…

    Friday, November 9, 2007 at 2:20 am | Permalink

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