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Life is like junior high

I’ve been feeling pretty cynical lately. Cynical in the kind of close the blinds, lock the doors, turn off the TV and don’t answer your phone type way. Trusted friends are becoming harder and harder to come by, and the need for them in my life seems to be inversely related to their accessibility. My good friend Marshall, who is always available, sent me this quote, which, rather than inspire resignation, made me breathe a bit of a sigh. It’s from a commencement speech at Skidmore College, just a few days ago, by Tom Brokaw

You’ve been told during your high school years and your college years that you are now about to enter the real world, and you’ve been wondering what it’s like. Let me tell you that the real world is not college. The real world is not high school. The real world, it turns out, is much more like junior high. You are going to encounter, for the rest of your life, the same petty jealousies, the same irrational juvenile behavior, the same uncertainty that you encountered during your adolescent years. That is your burden. We all share it with you. We wish you well.

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