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The America’s Cup of Polo and Journey

The America's Cup of Polo

I went to the America’s Cup of Polo with my boss, Mike, and a few other friends. From start to finish it was a memorable day - and I had quite a few observations/learnings:

  • First, and foremost, Journey is most excellent. MOST excellent.
  • I have a very good boss(es).
  • The Mazda RX-8 is a sweet car - especially with leather and GPS.
  • Three bottles of wine and numerous bottles of beer in the sun WILL give you a hangover the next day
  • Situational white before Memorial Day is quite alright. I’m still not a fan of seersucker
  • There are some outfits that should never see daylight.
  • Grown women should not wear white linen dresses with absolutely nothing underneath at crowded social events.
  • Polo is split into periods called “Chukkers”
  • Only the guy from Journey can wear only a white vest for a top and still look really cool
  • When two pretty girls that you’ve just met are counting on you for a beer (and all the places to buy it have shut down) - you do whatever it takes
  • Journey + Fireworks finale = freaking awesome.

Here’s a clip from the concert:

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