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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Pistone’s Italian Inn

It’s about as small town as suburban DC can feel. The sign glows looks like a dim beacon from the roadway - Pistone’s Italian Inn.
You walk up to the entrance of this white rectangular white stone building and walk into what could be an old timers Vegas Lounge. You can swim through the air [...]

Now we’re in the zone

Today, finally, it looks as if we’ll finally be able to tell what we’re paying for.
From the Washington Post, Washington DC cabs will be switching from zones to time and distance meters:
Fenty’s decision is the culmination of a decades-long dispute about the lack of meters in the city’s taxis. Critics say the zone system is [...]

Wine snobbery as a tactic for losing customers

I know a good bit about wine. Working at a restaurant with a number of sommeliers and a former Rothschild family chef gave me a good head start on my education.
I’m a “snob” in the sense that I like to drink good wine, but I also believe that you can buy good wine for under [...]

I wonder…

If I’m a self fulfilling cliche of everything I never wanted to be. A man whose life will follow the path of many in his generation - 20’s and 30’s spent in the self occupied indulgence and pomp of an American city; 40’s and 50’s spent in the slow malaise of an American town.
Something tells [...]