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Monthly Archives: April 2007

A Sad Day in DC

Those who live in DC and the surrounding areas have likely already heard the news of last night - that Capitol Hill’s Eastern Market, a 134 year old landmark in Southeast, had been gutted and destroyed by a fire that took fire fighters 2 hours to contain.
Mayor Fenty held a press conference this morning, [...]

Bionic & JSmooth vs. Salah & Damon


an·thro·pol·o·gy (ān’thrÉ™-pŏl’É™-jÄ“)
n. 1. The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.
Anthropology is the study where we’ve been, how we got there, and how all of that got us here. We tend to apply the economies of scale to this science, looking at cultures and [...]

Bjork - Wanderlust

From Saturday Night Live this past Saturday - from her upcoming album Volta (to be released May 7th)


Even when I’m on the ground I feel as if I’m suspended in air. Cruising at the speed of life. Knocked around by sudden gusts of turbulence. Occasionally a sharp drop and everyone in the cabin gasps. One wing and the horizon go vertical. I hit the flight attendant call button. A gin and tonic [...]

The journey itself is home

I’ve made intermittent but admittedly half-hearted attempts to blog with words as much as I have with photography over the last few years, but have never seemed to be to accumulate much momentum - an odd fact, given my historical affinity for words.
The compulsion that’s leading me to write these words seems nascent and nebulous [...]