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Category Archives: meta

Captured past to present actualization

I spent a while on Saturday carefully traversing through the landscape of what had been the digital equivalent of dusty, weather stained photographs. Most were from what I consider now to be years that were both supremely underappreciated and indubitably formative. Both of those realities impress upon me how where I was, where I’ve traveled, [...]

The Last Lecture

Sometimes stories and people sneak up on you when you least expect it but most need it. Randy Pausch, recently named in the 2008 Time 100, is a Professor of Computer Science and virtual worlds at Carnegie Mellon (and who has worked for Disney Imagineering) who is dying of pancreatic cancer. Long admired as a [...]

New places and West coast faces

I spent the last week or so on a long overdue and much deserved vacation from the grind of young professional life. The previous few weeks, between a tumultuous schedule and life rearranging events at work, home, and elsewhere, had left me categorically exhausted.
Before my trip, however, I spent last weekend moving into my new [...]

This year….

I suppose its cliche - as the minutes inexorably pass and 2008 approaches - to genuflect on what’s happened over the last year. To think wistfully of stolen moments and sunsets over the Atlantic. To accept my regrets and mistakes (and I’ve got them) and vow that they’ll never happen again. To feel heartbreak over [...]

Found in my old fiction journal

I keep having dreams. Discontinuous and fragmented. Nothing contingent to hinge a meaning on. I approach my bed each night with a languid hesitation. I stare at the ceiling and long for it to collapse and crush my evasive conclusions about the day. There is an unmistakable but unrealized dissonance hiding [...]

I wonder…

If I’m a self fulfilling cliche of everything I never wanted to be. A man whose life will follow the path of many in his generation - 20’s and 30’s spent in the self occupied indulgence and pomp of an American city; 40’s and 50’s spent in the slow malaise of an American town.
Something tells [...]

Life is like junior high

I’ve been feeling pretty cynical lately. Cynical in the kind of close the blinds, lock the doors, turn off the TV and don’t answer your phone type way. Trusted friends are becoming harder and harder to come by, and the need for them in my life seems to be inversely related to their accessibility. My [...]