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A poem of attraction with thanks to Calvino

The sea calls his love
by the name of grandchild
That makes him
A grandson to the moon
Inheritor of an ancestral gravitation
Toward her
His grandfather
A million times removed
Kept a respectable distance from
the carbon and gas and liquid
Compelled toward, instead -
An ineluctable bond
His grandfather
A thousand times removed
Swam to an amneotic sea
Incubating in currents
And millennia
His grandfather
A hundred times removed
Articulated out of [...]

Moon Boy

A beautiful work of art.

Moonboy from MoreFrames on Vimeo.


#7, originally uploaded by tristanroy.


#5, originally uploaded by tristanroy.


#3, originally uploaded by tristanroy.

Photo of the Day: Rock Creek


#2, originally uploaded by tristanroy.

It’s good.

A good video from my good friends Mike and Tim

Pop and lock

Boogaloo Sam and Popin Pete, part of the Electric Boogaloos, are largely credited with realizing/popularizing popping in 1975, with locking being developed around the same time. Popin Pete would develop unique techniques such as crazy legs in the late 70s as the group popularized the dance.
Popin Pete is a legend in the street dance world. [...]


The prolific blog Shaking Words rightly noted that I had not blogged in quite some time. Such a long time, in fact, that “a word, forgotten” had been removed from the sidebar.
A couple of updates. I’m on track to log another 60-80 flights again this year and work is as busy as ever.
I’m excited about [...]

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Mad Men, a drama on AMC about a Madison Ave. advertising firm in the 1960s, is quite possibly the best TV drama I’ve ever seen. Don Draper, the terribly flawed and intoxicatingly likable main character, appeals to something primal and existential in us. The following is a clip from the 1st episode of season 2. [...]